In the late 1940’s various options were explored for the Yacht Club to own their own clubhouse. In 1947 a small house was moved to Harris Harbor and became a small restaurant and meeting place for the Club. The membership voted to sell the building in 1973. In 1974 the meetings were moved to the rental hall at Switzer Village. Subsequently, construction of a new clubhouse on the present site at the northern end of Aurora Harbor was planned. Through the efforts of Leroy West, Ken Morgan and Don Statter a long-term land lease was negotiated, and near the end of 1975 a contract was signed for the construction of the first phase of the present facility, located at 1301 Harbor Way. The second phase of construction was designed in 1978 and begun in 1979. Much of the interior finish was performed by member volunteers under the careful supervision of Ralph Graham. The next goal was a complete renovation of the galley (kitchen) area to make it modern and “user friendly”.

The Juneau Yacht Club has continued its monthly meetings, however confining them to nine months (September through May), leaving the boating season to boating and other summer activities. For many years the Juneau Yacht Club, at the request of the Territorial Sportsmen, has provided boat patrols throughout the Golden North Salmon Derby held in August of each year. The club also hosts the Capital to Capital Race (Olympia, WA to Juneau, AK) flotilla in mid July of each odd numbered year, organizing docking space with the Harbormaster and the post race awards banquet. The 1989 race was an official function of the Washington State Centennial Celebration.

The Juneau Yacht Club actively supports Juneau Youth Sailing a non-profit corporation established in 1997 to promote youth sailing activities in Juneau. In 2000, the Juneau Yacht Club and the Juneau Sailing Club merged to become the Juneau Yacht Club with both a Power Squadron and Sailing Squadron component.The Juneau Yacht Club throughout the years has provided a forum for discussion and member information. On its own initiative and at the request of government agencies and other groups, such as the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Juneau Harbor Department, it offers comments, advice and suggestions on boating, marine parks, harbor, and sport fishing issues.Currently JYC has a membership of approximately 150 members.