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Thursday Night Socials

There is no better time and place for good conversation and sharing ideas than in a room with a view, a nice drink and a light snack after work. Come down to the Club and meet us in the Graham Room on Thursdays at 1700 hours (5pm). There are usually Board members present and we encourage you to come talk to us with any ideas for activities and projects for the Juneau Yacht Club in 2016. (Socials will be canceled on days when the Club is rented.)

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Vessel Safety Check

On the water, safety is priority number one. As part of their preparations, boaters need to make sure that they have completed a vessel safety inspection

AMSEA: Marine Safety.

Reduce injury and death in the marine and freshwater envi- ronment through education and training provided by a network of qualified marine safety instructors.

Sport Fishing Regulations

Good anglers are aware of the required licenses and bag limits in the area they fish. Please visit ADF&G sport fishing regulations for this seasons latest information.

Marine Mammal Viewing!

Make sure you have current information about being safe distances from our oceans marine mammal population and other regulations and guidelines.

Upcoming Events

Thursdays at 5:00pm

Members come on down to the Graham Room and enjoy the company of other JYC Members this Thursday. Guests are always welcome!


JYC Membership Dinner
(Third Tuesday each month)

If you have questions about the dinner committees please send an email to:
907-586-2911 or 907-321-0788 or
January 17, 2017